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’s funeral, given the 24-hour traveling time from Australia to New York and the traditional religious custom of prompt burial. Youngest child Jenna, a student at NYU, noted that she came home early from a month-abroad program in Australia last week to be able to make a shiva call to the family of Daniella Moffson, her friend who was killed in a bus accident in Honduras. The alleged abuse came to light in February 2011, when the girl told a school counselor and named Mr. Weberman as her abuser. Four men were charged earlier this year after they allegedly tried to buy the silence of the girl and her husband, whom she married in October. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people “traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes”. Bringing up a child in this generation is one of the challenging tasks that every parent experiences. It was noted that on occasion Goldman prepared shiva meals for people she did not know personally; that immediately on hearing of the death of a friend’s parent, she left work and got on a plane to be at the funeral; and that she was always there for her three adult children, bringing them food for Shabbat or even driving into Manhattan to walk her daughter’s dog.

Now, neither Clinton nor Loretta Lynch actually arrived in Phoenix on that plane. If it hadn’t been for a local Phoenix ABC affiliate, we wouldn’t know that it had happened. RUSH: We have a surprise visit by Bill Clinton to the attorney general in a private plane on the tarmac at Phoenix. It looks like somebody put that plane there so nobody would see the meeting. The plane on which they met is not the plane either of them used to get there. You get in these little tight spots you know, like “God, this is terrible, we should just get a smaller trailer”. He mused that his mother even “saved my grandmother’s last batch of meatballs for 15 years – something like that – in the freezer. Goldman, 58, a prominent local pediatrician, devoted mother and grandmother, and active member of the synagogue and the Scarsdale community, was stabbed to death last Wednesday at her home.

She and other longtime friends spoke of how synagogue members are in shock and mourning over a woman widely admired for her caring, gracious manner and quiet and often private acts of chesed (kindness). So if you want to travel on your own to some destination without any friends or family, then you are likely to join a group of other people who are just like you to experience it together! Now, more than ever, people will want to once again emerge from their local bubbles, and experience the fun and education of travel, but with close family and friends. Among Goldman’s activities were serving as president of the PTA at SAR School in Riverdale, and on the Ramaz School parents’ council in Manhattan, hosting an NYU Chabad parlor meeting, chairing her synagogue’s adult education committee and co-editing its cookbook, and regularly attending a variety of Jewish learning classes at her synagogue and others. This past Shabbat morning, despite the raging snow and winds outside, about 30 women made a point of attending services at the Young Israel of Scarsdale.

They referred to her as “supermom” and related stories of her deep devotion, always having time for them despite the pressures of her medical practice and teaching at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern of Young Israel referred to Goldman as “a queen” and righteous woman. She said her parents suggested she drop the case as recently as six months ago, taking her to a rabbi who also tried to persuade her to walk away from the matter. Eight other people, including at least six teenagers and children traveling in the other cars, were injured. The girl acknowledged that she and Mr. Weberman had conversations about some of her problems with the religion and its strict guidelines, including requirements that women wear skirts at least six inches below their knees and not date. The girl will take the stand again Wednesday, and Mr. Weberman is expected to testify in his defense.